Sakanaya Best Omakase In NYC

Sakanaya NYC

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from my trip to Tokyo with my friend AC. It was an incredible trip (will definitely do a Tokyo travel guide soon!) and we did pretty much everything one should do there except for sitting down for a traditional Japanese Omakase meal. So when I got a chance to have the Omakase experience at Sakanaya by Chef Shigeru Nishida last week I was super excited to finally try it.

Sakanaya Best Omakase In NYC
Sakanaya Best Omakase In NYC

According to Sakanaya, Omakase means to “entrust” which is very common term among sushi restaurants. The master chef prepares (in front of you!) a series of dishes from light to heavy courses taking you on a culinary journey.

The restaurant is located in Midtown East and is next door to Nishida Sho-ten a popular spot for locals serving ramen until 4 a.m. We arrived and sat at the counter where the chef prepared each course with ease and skill. The restaurant is very simple and cozy letting the food shine. There was a selection of fine wines and sake. I am not a fan of sake but I love plum wine which the restaurant had as well!


Sushi (10 pcs)
Hand Roll
Chawan mushi (Savory Egg Custard)
Akadashi (Red Miso Soup)

Sakanaya Best Sushi In NYC

The never ending Omakase tasting was out of this world. The ingredients were impressively fresh and of the highest standards. The chef made it a point to explain each course and refreshed all of our garnishes and was attentive at all times. My favorite courses include the blue fin tuna sushi, the Chawan Mushi a savory egg custard and the grapefruit jelly dessert.

Our Japanese friends told us that this is one of the best sushi restaurants in New York City without the hefty price tag. I couldn’t agree more and felt that I would certainly recommend Sakanaya to those looking for an authentic Japanese Omakase meal that won’t break the bank but still offers everything one expects from world class restaurants.

Sakanaya Best Japanese Food In NYC

I hope you’ll check out Sakanaya soon! Please let me know about your Sakanaya experience in the comments below! -M

Address: 304 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 339-0033



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